Getting Started – Your First 90 Days

Your first 90 days in dōTERRA is when you set the tone for how you want to grow your business.

First 90 Days Checklist

□ Share product. Learn about the Empower Kit, a great collection for anyone planning to share dōTERRA . The kit contains 20 magazines, 20 5ml bottles of wild orange, and 20 invitations cards.  It is especially helpful for anyone planning to share dōTERRA at a craft fair, EXPO, farmer’s market, or product showcase.

Why The Empower Kit (#47970001) is a Great Deal

When you break down the individual cost of the components in the empower kit, it really is a bargain to build your business.

  • 20 magazines at $1.50 each = $30
  • 20 5ml bottles of wild orange = $70 (15ml bottle at wholesale $10.50/3 = $3.5 x 20 = $70)
  • 30 Event invitation/free product voucher cards = $10

This kit is a more than $100 value in products and tools for only $50! The PV is 0 because it is considered a business tool.

You can share any product at your first event, but product kits are definitely the most popular way to help other address their own health needs.

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□ Set a date to have your first event.  This event could be any of the following:

  • A boutique, local product expo, or farmer’s market in your area
  • Product training, diffusing essential oils and product sampling
  • The science of essential oils, and the process of an oil becoming Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®
  • An intro to essential oils (where you share the 101 uses for the intro kit)
  • “Makeover” themed event (Medicine Cabinet Makeover, Cleaning Cabinet Makeover, Gardening Supply Makeover, Diaper Bag Makeover).
  • The many ways to save on dōTERRA  products (product promotions, Loyalty Rewards Program, Product of the Month and more)

Your first event is also your first “Income Producing Activity” (IPA) where you can invite others to purchase product.

□ Check out and familiarize yourself with its content.  This is where you will find data about your dōTERRA business and place orders.

□ Tell others to visit, your one stop shop for dōTERRA news, information, product and business tips, recognition and training.

□ Reserve time on your schedule to participate in conference calls and webinars, to read the regular e-mail from dōTERRA , or to participate in other training that your dōTERRA  sponsor recommends.

□ Make time to talk with anyone new you sponsor.  This is very much a relationship business, and staying in tune with their product or business needs is very important

Tips from IPCs on Your First 90 Days

– “You will want to get on the Loyalty Rewards Program as quickly as you can.  The rewards for placing your orders regularly start to add up fast. So, the earlier you start with it the better off you are. It really reduces your overall product expense.”

– “I found that if I set up a separate bank account for my dōTERRA business expenses I’m able to be more focused and professional. It also helps me to keep my work separate from my home finances; this really keeps things straight at tax time.”

– “I’m really big on sampling the oils.  When I open the bottle, the incredible smell does the talking. To make this easier, I took a small stylish makeup bag and sewed into it some elastic loops to hold each little 5 ml bottle of oil I wanted to carry with me.  You’d be surprised how many people ask me what that Lemon oil is that I’m putting in my water!”

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