Boyd & Sandy Truman, Double Diamonds

Boyd and Sandy Truman have always been fascinated by the body and how it functions.  All throughout their marriage and as they have raised their eight children, essential oils have blessed their lives in numerous ways that traditional medicine never could.

Feeding their fascination, they traveled the world together learning everything there is to learn about essential oils and how to use them to heal the body.  Having past experience with other essential oils, the Truman’s were blown away when they were first introduced to dōTERRA oils.  “I couldn’t believe the difference,” Boyd explains. Boyd has the unique skill set of being both a healer and a businessman, which has allowed his dōTERRA business to truly flourish.

The Trumans were one of the first independent product consultants at dōTERRA to open a successful international business.  They have also opened up a wellness center, allowing them to share with more people the art of self-care.  “Helping people finally understand why their body is acting a certain way and how to best take care of themselves by using dōTERRA oils brings me the greatest of joy,” Boyd explains.

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