In the process of talking to your prospect and learning more about their health concerns, you will learn a lot about them. You may learn what motivates them, what they care about most, and some about their skills, talents and expertise. In doing so, you should be better equipped to help them see how which option for enrolling in dōTERRA best fits into their life.

Offer Enrollment Options: Preferred Member vs. IPC

Think of the way you present the options as a process that requires interpersonal skills and tact. There are countless ways to customize your invitation to be a part of dōTERRA. Regardless of how you invite, you really need to hone your skills in explaining the option that best meet your prospect’s needs. In other words, you need to recognize what to say at key moments in the conversation.

Here are a few common needs, and ideas on what you could incorporate into your enrollment invitation:

Need Possible Response
Targeted health, home, beauty, skin care, aromatic or other needs … but not yet an opportunity to earn by selling them. “I’m glad you like the products like I do. They really are excellent. Based on your [mention their needs], which products are you most interested in starting with? Wonderful. You’ll love those. Can I recommend a couple more that I’ve found effective for [mention their needs]? I like these too because [share your personal experience with those you recommend]. Would you like those as well? Great.Tell me, do you have an extra minute or two to learn how you can lower your overall cost for products? I can tell you about that if you’d like.

[Discuss Loyalty Rewards Program and other current product offers]. You see, I find that I use up certain products about every 30 days, so I’ve set things up so that products I use are delivered on a regular basis (like a magazine subscription, but with products). Would something like that interest you?

Once you’ve had a chance to experience the products, if you are interested in learning more about how you too can sell them and earn, I’m happy to tell you how that works.”

Lower overall cost of products “dōTERRA has created many ways to save on your overall product expense. Let me explain

Preferred Member Pricing= As a Preferred Member you get 20% off retail price.

Independent Product Consultant Pricing= As an IPC, you buy at the wholesale price, anytime. Depending on the product, wholesale pricing can be a discount of 25% off retail price, plus you have the option of earning income from selling products.

LRP Savings = dōTERRA’s popular Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. This program is the most significant way to lower your overall product expense. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase dōTERRA products. The longer you participate in the LRP, the more credits you can earn–up to 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases!

Product of the Month = Each month, dōTERRA has a “Product of the Month.” The way this works is if you set up your LRP order to process on or before the 15th for 125 PV or higher you receive a free Product of the Month.

Special Offers = On dōTERRAeveryday.com there is a list of all current offers. Sometimes these offers are a kit of products, or an additional 10% off, a special offer when you order a certain PV amount (e.g. 200 PV promos) or similar offers.

If these discounts are not enough, you can compare the multiple uses of dōTERRA products with the cost of all the other products in your home that you can replace, and you’ll see how the savings add up!

The point…there are many ways to lower the cost of products you love, and this doesn’t even factor in all the ways to earn with dōTERRA. dōTERRA is very much a product driven company, and they really do want more people to benefit from this new, higher standard of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oils. Which way of saving would you like to go ahead with?”

Income “I’m really happy to see your enthusiasm for the dōTERRA earning opportunity. Like we were discussing, I’ve found it’s a great way to have the time freedom I need in life, the flexibility, ability to choose who I work with, to never be let go from a job again.

The best way to start earning in dōTERRA is as an IPC. Once you are an IPC there are a number of factors that go into how quickly you want to earn, and how much you want to earn. You see, some people “do dōTERRA” for extra income, while others “do dōTERRA” full-time and have replaced or exceeded their previous income.

How do you see yourself in that range of options?

Knowing this is important because there is a compensation plan that allows you to work at your own pace for what you want to earn. There are helpful ways to earn bonuses on top of regular compensation too.The Loyalty Rewards Fast Track program and Power of Three Bonus Program, are two examples of other ways to earn. We can get into all that later, but for now let’s just focus on earning your first check! How would you like to get started?”


Getting Started / Enroll
Enrollment Tips from Other IPCs:

-“I always try to help prospects understand why I love dōTERRA  so much.  I started out by just ordering a few products to try. I was diffusing Wild Orange and people kept asking me, “What is that amazing smell?” I found that I was telling so many people that, and they often said, “Where do you get it?”  I initially said, “From my friend who sells dōTERRA  products” but once I started to try earning, my answer changed to, “I can get you a diffuser and some Wild Orange.”  Do you want it today?  If they are not ready, I follow-up, follow-up, and then follow-up again.”

-“I used to be scared to talk to anyone about how they contribute to their family income.  It can be a sensitive topic.  I got over that when I realized how many people I run into that wish and hope they could earn money in some way, yet still have the flexibility they need with life’s demands. Many of my friends have done all kinds of things to earn—set up a day care in their home, taught music lessons to umpteen kids, offered group dog walking for the neighborhood, made and sold jewelry, took on a part time job at some employer, you name it.  Reminding myself of this really helped me see that I’m helping empower them—not only with great products, but also income.”

-“When I first started in dōTERRA , I was laser focused on trying to convince anyone and everyone that they should be selling dōTERRA.  Bad, frustrating idea. I was looking for a “magic technological system” to do this for me.  This business is not about convincing someone, it’s about listening to them and identifying unmet needs.  Not everyone will have unmet needs, and that’s OK.  Many just want to “simmer” by buying products and using them for a while. Others are very accustomed to selling and may have a “burning desire” to find an opportunity at a company like dōTERRA. I take them where they are, tell them what I do, and let them decide for themselves.  This way they are happier with me, dōTERRA, the products and themselves.”

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