A New Wellness Advocates First 72 Hours

To duplicate your efforts in building a dōTERRA business, it’s important to know that when a new Wellness Advocates joins your team, they should be treated with great care.Metaphorically, you might think of a new Wellness Advocates on your team as a new sapling, ready to grow into a large healthy tree. Your role is to help them learn and grow until they can be self-sufficient in sharing dōTERRA and growing their business.

It may have been years since you were new, but it often helps to remember what was on your mind at the time.  Was it…

  • Improving the health of your family?
  • Helping others feel healthier or to be empowered to address their own health concerns?
  • Learning how to start a business or sell a product?
  • Curiosity with how essential oils work?
  • Intrigue about how Wellness Advocates are reinventing how they care for the health needs of their families?

At a minimum, an Wellness Advocates first 72 hours should include the following:

1. A conversation, training, conference call or Skype training with their Sponsor and/or Enroller. They need to know you are there for them as a resource and that you care about their success.  The new Wellness Advocates may have been a product customer for years, but they need to know what being an Wellness Advocates is all about.  They need to know how you recommend they plan, ask, teach, enroll and duplicate their efforts. They often appreciate goals you set with them and a time when you can regularly follow up with them on their efforts.

2. A visit to doterrauniversity.com for basic training on doTERRA.

3. A visit to doterratools.com to access product and business training materials.

4. Practice in discussing people’s health needs, and more practice in discussing how to earn in dōTERRA.


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