Guidelines for Using Facebook to Share dōTERRA

Facebook Page Name

Facebook is a very effective way for IPCs to share the dōTERRA story. IPCs are encouraged to create their own Facebook pages to promote their individual businesses. As a company, dōTERRA has two primary purposes in guiding IPCs as they develop their own pages – protect the dōTERRA brand, and avoid confusion with dōTERRA company pages.

Protect the dōTERRA Brand

Our brand is one of our most valuable assets as a company. People come to us and buy our products because they trust the name of dōTERRA and our other product names. This trust is developed when people learn that anything with dōTERRA on it will stand for quality and integrity. When the name dōTERRA is used by someone other than the company, or even misused by someone purporting to be affiliated with the company, the value of the brand is compromised.

Avoid Confusion

Some people have searched for dōTERRA on Facebook and found what they thought was a company sponsored page, only to later learn that it was a page from an IPC. A person who does a search for dōTERRA on Facebook should be able to easily distinguish between results that are company pages and results that are pages of our IPCs. Someone who pulls up the page of an IPC should be able to quickly tell from looking at the page that it is an IPC page and not a company sponsored page.

Improper Facebook Page Names

Most of our IPCs are using Facebook page names that clearly indicate that the page belongs to an IPC. Some, however, are using names that can make it appear that the page is a company sponsored page. Names with regional implications, such as dōTERRA Sweden or dōTERRA Europe, may mislead some into believing that the page is sponsored by the company. Other names that link the brand with a product, such as dōTERRA oils or dōTERRA supplements, also cause confusion between what is a company page and what is an IPC page.

Facebook Page Name Guidelines

In order to prevent confusion and to maintain the integrity of the dōTERRA brand, it must be clear from the Facebook page name that the page belongs to an IPC and not to the company. The easiest way to do this is for the name of the IPC to be included in the page prior to the trademark, such as Karen Jones dōTERRA or John Smith dōTERRA. Both of these names clearly indicate that the page belongs to an individual IPC and is not a company sponsored page. An alternative is to name the page dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant. The page URL and the graphics and layout of the page itself will distinguish the page from other IPCs using the same name.

Names which refer to a specific geographical region, such as dōTERRA New England or dōTERRA Central America, are not permitted. Names which refer to products or product categories, such as dōTERRA Nutritional Supplements, are also not permitted. Both of these types of names are confusing in that they could easily be understood to be company sponsored pages. Questions concerning the use of a particular name should be referred to the dōTERRA Compliance Department.

Facebook URLs

Each Facebook page has both a name for the page and an URL or internet address (referred to as a “username” by Facebook). Both the Facebook page name and the URL of the page must follow the rules regarding brand integrity andavoiding confusion. Facebook pages that comply with the rules regarding page names must also avoid the use of dōTERRA in the page URL. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use the IPC number for the Facebook URL.

Facebook Layout

The layout of the Facebook page is also a great way to distinguish the page of an IPC from the company page. A person coming upon the Facebook page of an IPC should be able to easily see that the page is not sponsored by the company. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is through the use of the dōTERRA IPC logo. This logo has the traditional dōTERRA logo with the words “Independent Product Consultant” beneath dōTERRA. These logos are available online for IPCs on the tools website. Another useful practice is to put the picture of the IPC as the profile picture. Text indicating the page belongs to an individual IPC and not the company will also help to indicate that the page is not sponsored by the company.

Company Discretion

Because the company has the responsibility to protect the brand and to avoid confusion, the company has the final right to say what is confusing and what is not. If it appears that a page is unduly similar to a company page or that the page name would cause someone to think they were on a company sponsored page, the company reserves the right to ask the IPC to change the name or the URL, or even the layout of the page itself.

Facebook Groups

One option for an IPC wishing to connect with others on Facebook is to create a Facebook group. Facebook groups are a great way for people to get together online and share ideas or stories to help them build their dōTERRA businesses. Facebook groups should follow the same naming guidelines above.

How to change your Page Name

1) Left-click on the [Edit Page] drop down menu in the top-right of the page. When the drop-down menu appears, click on Update Info option.
2) In the box next to Name you’ll see your current name. You can request* to change your page name to reflect the social media guidelines in our policy manual. Click on the Save Changes button.
*Please note that Facebook reserves the right to grant or deny approval of a name change. If for some reason
they deny your request, you will need to create a new page following the guidelines in our policy manual, as well as the Facebook page terms (set and enforced by Facebook). You can view those terms here:

How to Change a Personal Account Page URL or Username

Changing your URL is a simple process. However, you are only able to change it one time, if you have already changed the URL or username before then you will have to create a new Facebook page.

1)  Left-click on the drop down menu in the top-right corner of the page next to the gear icon [*] . When the drop-down menu appears click on Account Settings.
2)  This will take you to a new page titled General Account Settings. The second option on this page is Username and to the right of this you’ll see what your username or URL is currently. Further right you’ll see a link called Edit. Click on this link.
3)  This will open a new box on that same screen. There is a field where you can see your current username but you can click in that box and change the username. Here is a link where Facebook discusses the rule for usernames:
4)  After you’ve chosen a new username, in order to finalize the change you must enter your current password next to the Password field and click on the Save Changes button.

How to Change a Fan Page URL or Username

1)  Left-click on the [Edit Page] drop down menu in the top-right of the page. When the drop-down menu appears click on Update Information option.
2)  This will take you to a new page where you’ll see your current username or URL next to Username. Click on the Change Username link.
3)  To the right of the Page Name box there is a box with your current username or URL. You can type in your new URL in this box and click on the Check Availability button.
4)  If the username you want is available, click Confirm to save it.

Additional Help Resources

Facebook page name change:
YouTube tutorial video to change Facebook page name:
Tutorial to change Facebook username (vanity url):

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