If I want to move someone in my downline, who do I contact?

Please email placements@doterra.com with any placement changes or concerns.

Please note...
* All requests must come from the enroller. No one else may request a placement change
*Sponsor changes can only take place within the first 14 days of the IPC's enrollment. After 14 days the new IPC is in their final placement.
*The Enroller of a member can be changed once in an IPC’s lifetime membership.​
*You now have the ability to make 14-day sponsor changes online! These changes are made immediately, so there is no waiting and you'll be able to see your volumes and team members in the right places. Enroller changes, 90-day Premier Moves, and other Placements issues will still need to be communicated through email. For more details on this visit http://www.doterraeveryday.com/doterra-announces-changes-to-sponsorship-placement-program/.​

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