Make the Most of the Loyalty Rewards Fast Track Program

Earn LRP Points Faster in the LRP Fast Track Program

Enrolling IPCs who purchase an enrollment kit of at least 400 PV, and also set up a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order are off to an ideal ‘free product earning’ start! 1


After their LRP order processes (in the month following their enrollment), they earn 100 bonus points (which can be redeemed for free product) and their LRP point accrual percentage jumps to 15, 20 or 25 percent.2

Let’s look at a scenario that shows how this works:

 notes-002Mary decides to enroll as an IPC on June 6th.  She is interested in earning the maximum amount of product points as quickly as she can. She chooses to purchase the Wellness Complete Kit, which has 400 PV.  At the same time, she sets up an LRP order (with 100 PV) for her favorite dōTERRA products.

She wants her LRP order to process monthly before the 15th of the month (so she can also earn the free product of the month, every month), so she opts to have it process monthly on the 13th, her favorite number.  On July 13th, her first LRP order processes, she receives her LRP order, the free product of the month and loves the products.

On August 15th, dōTERRA corporate finishes its final tally of all the July sales and “runs commissions.”  At this time, (as early as 60 days following her enrollment) Mary is awarded her points, which she can use like cash for future product purchases.

In summary, in as early as 60 days following enrollment, a new IPC (with a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order and an enrollment kit of at least 400 PV) can immediately earn LRP points and start their LRP point accrual between 15% and 25%.

Enrollment Kit PV Level

Bonus Points Available

LRP Point Accrual Percentage Starts At …

400 PV

100 Points


1000 PV

200 Points


2000 PV

400 Points


  1. Points that can be redeemed for free product are credited to your account once commissions run the following month. The first time points can be redeemed is 60 days following enrollment.
  2. Only first-time IPCs qualify to start earning Loyalty Rewards points at 15, 20 or 25 percent (per the chart above). Loyalty Rewards Fast Track enrollment orders are not LRP orders and may not count towards Power of 3 bonuses or other LRP benefits.


Click here to learn more about Loyalty Rewards Program and here to learn how to get started with the Loyalty Rewards Program.


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