Patrick & Allyse Sedivy, Presidential Diamonds

Patrick and Allyse Sedivy are entrepreneurs at heart and have always had the confidence to accomplish things that others think are impossible. Early in their marriage, while Patrick pursued his degree in civil engineering, he helped Allyse open and operate Allyse’s Bridal. Their success in this business allowed them the financial freedom to move their family to the Czech Republic, the country of Patrick’s heritage.

While in the Czech Republic, the Sedivy’s saw the need for a computer program to help local students learn English. Patrick developed such a program, implemented it in over 700 schools, and started a foundation to provide Czech students educational opportunities. Upon returning to the U.S., the Sedivy’s realized they wanted to create a business that would generate residual income. They walked away from many prestigious opportunities in order to join dōTERRA. Allyse explains, “We found [in dōTERRA] a purple cow—in other words, we realize that dōTERRA is different.” They recognized that the combination of dōTERRA’s impressive product line and owners who displayed integrity, along with their impeccable timing truly was a unique opportunity that they needed to act on.

From the beginning, Patrick and Allyse have set goals to be top earners. Patrick and Allyse are passionate about educating everyone they meet and sharing the benefits of essential oils with the world. They are on a mission to “reinvent health care worldwide.”

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