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  1. Where is the store for pick-up orders located?

  2. What are the benefits of being on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

  3. How do I place Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) orders?

  4. How do I redeem Loyalty Reward Points?

  5. What is the difference between Personal Volume (PV) and Organizational Volume (OV)?

  6. Can you have a Loyalty Rewards order with the amount less than 100PV?

  7. When are my points updated?

  8. How are my points accumulated?

  9. How much money do I need to spend on my Loyalty Rewards order to gain points?

  10. Do you have to have a LRP in order to earn money selling through your web page?

  11. How can I view how many points I currently have?

  12. What are the points equal to?

  13. Do I have to pay for anything when I use my points?

  14. Why is there a point redemption fee?

  15. Can I use left-over points to pay for the shipping and/or point redemption fee?

  16. Can I combine my points order to ship with my Loyalty Rewards Order/Autoship?

  17. Can my points order count as my Loyalty Rewards Order/Autoship for the month?

  18. Which dōTERRA products are available for points orders?

  19. When will my points expire?

  20. If I go over my point balance, can I pay the difference?

  21. Does the 100PV LRP requirement include what I pay for tax and shipping?

  22. Can I change my points order after it has processed?

  23. What is the Product of the Month (POM) and when is the information released?

  24. How do I find out about discounts, sales or promotions on products?

  25. What is dōTERRA’s Return Policy?

  26. How can I get a copy of dōTERRA's policy manual?

  27. What are the registration costs for IPC and preferred members?

  28. Is there a renewal fee on your dōTERRA anniversary date?

  29. How do I earn Fast Start bonuses?

  30. Can I earn Fast Start and Unilevel on the same person at the same time?

  31. When can I expect to receive my Fast Start check?

  32. When do I have to have my Loyalty Order template set up in order to qualify for Fast Start?

  33. Can I only receive Fast Start during my first 30 days of enrollment?

  34. Does my new enrollee also have to participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program for me to earn Fast Start off of them?

  35. When are commissions processed?

  36. How much do I have to order on my Loyalty Rewards (LRP) orders to earn Unilevel commissions?

  37. How do I earn commissions from my Preferred Members (PM)?

  38. Do you have to have a 100 LRP to receive commissions on Preferred or retail customers?

  39. What is the difference between enroller and sponsor?

  40. Am I being charged for to send me a commission check? How can I create a direct deposit?

  41. Can I have two orders or 100PV each and qualify for the 200PV promotion?

  42. Does an order of $200 count for the 200PV promotion?

  43. Can I qualify for the 200PV promotion on any type of order I place?

  44. What should I do if I receive a package that I do not want?

  45. Can I have two names listed as the main name on my account?

  46. Why do you require my Social Security Number?

  47. Can dōTERRA be sold at a retail outlet?

  48. Can I sell product through auctions?

  49. As an IPC, can I use the dōTERRA logo or trademarks?

  50. I placed an order with dōTERRA before I was able to get my tax exemption information in. Can you reimburse me for the tax I've already paid?

  51. What is a 1099 tax form?

  52. Who qualifies for a 1099 tax form?

  53. When will I receive my 1099 tax form?

  54. If I misplace my 1099 tax form, can I get another one from dōTERRA?

  55. How can I find out more and the special rate for the new partnership with Deductr™ , the tax helper?

  56. Do I need to register my events with dōTERRA?

  57. How do I become a founder in a country/region?

  58. Is there a Founder's Club for Canada?

  59. What countries is dōTERRA "open" in?

  60. When will dōTERRA open other countries?

  61. Do I have to pay customs on my international orders?

  62. Does dōTERRA offer gift certificates?

  63. What is the best way to have a new consultant sign up from their PC at their home?

  64. If I want to move someone in my downline, who do I contact?

  65. How many days do we have to move an IPC?

  66. Will the PowerPoints from all convention sessions and breakouts be posted online?

  67. Where can I find help and info on teaching the 'Estrogen and Women's Health' class?

  68. Can an IPC order and ship to a family member by creating a second loyalty rewards order?

  69. Where I can find a Modern Essentials book that lists product and detailed information?

  70. Is there a cost to attend one of the Post Convention Tour classes?

  71. Will dōTERRA do a direct deposit on payments?

  72. What is the difference between a personally enrolled member and a sponsered team member?

  73. How do I change the date of my LRP shipment?

  74. I am getting ready to enroll a Wellness Clinic. Does it matter whether they enroll as an IPC or Preferred Member?

  75. As an IPC, where do I order business cards and sales aids (oil vials, key chains) and detailed list of uses for dōTERRA oils?

  76. What is the best way to explain the back office to an IPC over the phone? Because I am in a higher level, the tabs on the back office are not the same.

  77. Is it okay for your upline to make you give up enrollership for your downline?

  78. How does an IPC cancel membership?

  79. Where can I find a video or webinar for GX and PB Assist?

  80. Is there a "go to" source addressing different categories related to the business?

  81. I have many spas and health food stores interested in the products. What is the best way to explain to these businesses how they can sell the product in their store?

  82. Where can we see the amount of money we have made by selling products?

  83. Am I charged sales tax on the retail value or the wholesale value?

  84. What is the side to side difference between and IPC and a PM? How would I want to place a PM?

  85. Can a preferred member's points be included in my Power Of Three?

  86. What are the rules and regulations on promoting business through social media?

  87. Does dōTERRA have affiliate links for using social media?

  88. Can an IPC advertise any way they need as in, TV, Radio, Newspaper etc.? Are there any requirements to comply with?

  89. To qualify for the product of the month, can my 125pv be split in two different LRP orders?

  90. How can I sign up a preferred customer who wants to pay cash only?

  91. Is there a list of items that come in each of the LRP kits?

  92. Does a preferred member have to order a minimum PV amount in order to maintain their account and points earned if they participate in the LRP?

  93. How do I send someone to my business site to shop for products?

  94. What is the dōTERRA Compensation Plan?

  95. Is there a limit to how many LRP orders can be done per month?

  96. How do I take myself off of autoship?

  97. How can I become an AromaTouch trainer?

  98. Where is the schedule for the AromaTouch Technique massage classes?

  99. Where and when are there trainings?

  100. Where can I find the appropriate tools to do the business?

  101. How can I receive training on the new virtual office?

  102. I would like to present dōTERRA in a booth at a convention. How do I know what strategy to use?

  103. Is there a way to get a customer a subscription to dōTERRA Living magazine?

  104. What is the meaning of the watch list in my geneology ?

  105. A new enrollee would like to enroll under her business name ---Is this OK and what are advantages and/ or disadvantages vs signing up as personal?

  106. If my sister in the UK were to decide she wanted to sell dōTERRA, could I sign her up in my organization?

  107. Is there a saturation map that shows the amount of IPC's in different states?

  108. Do you ship to APO addresses?

  109. What is the status of the lawsuit Young Living filed with dōTERRA?

  110. If we have an international Preferred Member selling doTERRA in their country, do they have a tax liability here in the US?

  111. My husband has decided to join me in building a doTERRA business. How do I add him as a co-applicant?

  112. I have not received any LRP points even though I have placed large orders for a few months. Why do I not have points accruing?

  113. If I supply doTERRA with my sales tax number, will I become tax exempt?

  114. How did I get to the rank of Executive?

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